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Somalia was right to reject AU’s “Assessment Report”


The Federal Government of Somalia has rightly rejected AU’s independent assessment report and recommendations, which was replete with inconsistencies and which would allow it extend its mandate to 2026. Under the UNSC Resolution 2568 (2021) released in March 2021 has made very clear FGS to assume security responsibility and to lead the security transition process, starting effectively in 2021. The resolution also noted the AU – PSC’s request to finalise its independent assessment, however, has instructed it to mandate by May 2021 “an AMISOM that supports and enables the implementation of FGS-led Somali Transition Plan and from 2022, a reconfigured AU mission that is well-prepared for the changing threat environment arising from Al-Shabab and armed opposition groups and focused on supporting Federal Government of Somalia to take full responsibility for security by the end of 2023. To realise this goal, the UNSC has directed FGS and AU to carryout joint update to AMSIOM’s Concept of Operations (CONOPS) pursuant to Somalia’s Transition Plan (STP) until 2023 and to report back to UNSC by August 2021. Given this, one wonders why AU – rather than cooperating with FGS to update AMISOM’s CONOPS – has chosen to go it alone and present a report, which is out of whack with UNSC assumptions, proposing continued AMISOM presence in Somalia until 2026, albeit under a hybrid model. Make no mistake, Somalia’s patience with some AMISOM TCCs is growing very thin and failure to recognise this would lead to inter-state conflict. In hindsight, AU-PSC’s pet project (AMISOM) was sold in 2006 as sharp and short mission that would enable TFG to defeat VEGs and that would transfer security responsibility to it, however, it appears that it has taken on a life of its own. Judging from AU-PSC’s independent assessment report, it is fighting tooth and nail to protect its political economy in Somalia dressed as AMISOM. Part of the problem that resulted in AMISOM’s failure was to let frontline states (Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti), pursuing their own strategic and economic interests at the expense of Somalia’s to join in the mission in the first place. To fix this mistake, The Federal Government of Somalia must insist this time round that frontline states be barred from operating under the reconfigured AU mission commencing on 2022. And, that all foreign troops to leave from Somalia by the end of 2023 as envisioned by the UNSC Resolution 2568 (2021).

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