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Ministerial Meeting of the Global Coalition against Daesh in Rome; Somalia present.

 By Staff Writer

The Global Coalition against Daesh is a unique alliance started in 2014. It is enormous in membership scale of 83 member states and dully committed to defeating the terrorist group Daesh otherwise known as ISIS.

The Coalition’s members are committed to defeating Daesh on all fronts. Beyond the military campaign in Syria and Iraq where the group no longer controls territory with approximately eight million people freed from its ardent control but the threat still persists. The continuation of Daesh/ISIS operations and its ability to rebuild its networks and ability to inflict toll on the security forces and civilians in areas where the Coalition is not present/active needs strong vigilance and coordinated action. The Global organization is also focused on defeating the terrorist group’s network of financing and infrastructure which may enable scores of foreign terrorists to cross borders by curbing its ability to raise revenue, promote information sharing on terrorists through bilateral and/or multilateral channels like INTERPOL, and fighting against Daesh/ISIS’s toxic endless propaganda and denying the group space to exploit social media online. The coalition also supports in providing stabilization and rebuilding essential public services.

The Ministers of the Global Coalition to defeat ISIS/Daesh met in person after 2 years on the 28th June 2021 in Rome at the invitation of Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Luigi Di Mario and US Secretary of State Anthony J. Blinken. The Ministers reaffirmed their commitment to continue the fight against the terrorist group Daesh/ISIS, and to create conditions for its enduring defeat which remains the Coalition’s sole purpose, through a comprehensive, coordinated and multifaceted effort. They also welcomed new members of the Coalition who were Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mauritania and Yemen.

The Ministers were also united in their outrage at the atrocities carried out by Daesh/ISIS and reiterated their commitment to eliminating this global threat. and stand alongside survivors and families of victims of Daesh/ISIS crimes working for accountability.

Somalia’s top diplomat Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdirizak also attended the meeting representing a nation recovering from terrorism related instability. He spoke to the coalition on Somalia’s trials and efforts to find lasting solutions to terrorism.

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