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Where is Professor Abdiwahab?#FreeAbdiwahab -The Daily Jubba

By Staff Writer

 Abdiwahab Sheikh Abdi, a professor,  public scholar and researcher based in Nairobi, Kenya has been missing since Wednesday 8th September 2021. Witnesses that last saw him tell of a group of 4 unknown and unidentified men bundled him into a white double cabin with registration number KCW 341Y while another man was waiting in the revving vehicle which he eventually sped off at Turbman Road, Nairobi’s Central Business District at around 10 am East Africa Time.

The distraught family has reported the incident at Central Police Station as well as Akila Police Station in South C where the professor last resided; there has also been a press address by the family and notable members of the Somali Community in Nairobi.

Abdiwahab has drawn mixed reactions on social media regarding his unique non-conforming approach on analysis regarding matters of the Horn of Africa. Social media has been awash by hashtag #FreeAbdiwahab  in support of finding the professor from across all East Africans particularly among Kenyans as well as the many Somalis, Ethiopians and Eritreans who have found his insights on the region to be revolutionary. . Although it is still unhealthy to make speculations he has, not too long ago publicly sent out tweets regarding plots against his life by the ever scheming so called “white warlord” of East Africa Matt Bryden and his “errand boy” Rashid Abdi, both of whom vehemently disliked the professor’s outlook and unmasking of their shady agendas packaged as analysis and/or policy. It is also important to note that Sahan Research which they are both part of have also been alleged to have killed a Somali national on Kenyan soil and gotten away with, what is to stop the EU funded do-it-all establishment with no set rules governing them from ever killing another private citizen?

If the professor’s whereabouts and safety is unaccounted for, then he will join a long list of either silenced or worse extra-judicially killed, disappeared or his arbitrary arrest turning into a concocted charge aimed at silencing him. As it looks the later will be the hope of most people. Such instances are known to occur in this part of the world and sadly one that leaves an unanswerable question among the Muslim communities in Kenya asking how long is long before it is addressed?

A missing person’s report is still out for the Professor with many sending in their sympathies and prayers for his safe return. Anyone with information regarding the Professor’s whereabouts or can offer assistance in finding him can contact the family on +254724472828 (his wife) or HAKI Africa hotline 0708331471.

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