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Somalia, the EAC and the Politics of Regionalism.

Zakaria Deeq The East African Community is an intergovernmental body comprised of seven East African countries: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United Republic of Tanzania, the Republics of Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Uganda. It has its headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania. The East African Community (EAC) was first established in 1967 but discontinued in 1977 due to political and economic differences between member states. It was then re-established in 2000 with the purpose of encouraging regional

Time to end the endless Balanballe-Guriceel Violence; Perspectives of a Native

Ahmed Jeeyte It was 1991 when the Somali government collapsed, and clan-based warfare broke out throughout the country. Balanballe was the hotspot of the fight. As older adults say, there was a time when Balanballe and its surroundings were in bloodshed. The Ceyr-Ayaanle subclan and the Marehan-Reer Diini subclan mass killed each other. In those battles, thousands of people were killed, women and children fled and suffered, and some died of hunger and thirst; no one won. Only mothers became widows, and children

Complain & Blame Less, Act & Take Initiative!

Abdi Mohamud COMPLAIN LESS, BLAME LESS BUT ACT AND DO SOMETHING It is fair to say that Somalis have a penchant for complaining and finding faults with almost everything. They immediately see when things are improperly handled or directed or managed in a wrong and untenable manner. They mostly have keen interests on matters of political nature. They voice their concerns without hesitation but they rarely match that with action. I will try to comment on two comments made by two prominent Somalis who

What Next for the people of Las Anod in their Quest for a Free SSC?

Abdi Mohamed The LasAnod War: Its Impact on Somaliland and the Region: The assassination of Local Politician Mr. Abdifatah Abdullahi Abdi on 26th December 2022 by unknown attackers sparked instant outrage in LasAnod, Sool Region. The protests mostly led by young men and women went on for days and they were forcefully suppressed by the Somaliland Authorities leading to another 20 deaths. There were instant condemnations in the region and beyond on the high handedness of the Somaliland Security agencies. Cases of

Explainer: How is Somalia’s Citizenship Law?

Mahad Caanogeel Somalia, when it became an independent state in 1960, made the nationality law which took almost three years to complete. On December 22, 1962, Law No. 28 named "Nationality Law", and it was published on January 22, 1963. Article 2 of this law indicates how automatic Somali citizenship can be obtained without the need for an application, and it is the process called operation of law. Either of the two methods described below: 1. That the person's father is Somali; 2. That the person is a

Why are Somali Boys less likely to succeed as compared to the Girls in the Diaspora?

Abdi Mohamud SUCCESS DISPARITY BETWEEN GIRLS AND BOYS IN THE DIASPORA Following the turmoil created by the 1991 civil war, Somalis left their country in great numbers. Most of them went to the neighbouring countries, namely Kenya and Ethiopia, while others in their thousands made their way to Europe and North America. Canada, the US, and the UK were their preferred destinations. There may be above 100,000 living in each one of these countries. There are also sizable and noticeable Somali populations in many

Why is Djibouti considered to be the Haiti of Africa?

Ismail Kulmiye Djibouti was once seen as a strategic country with great potential and was referred to as the "Singapore of Africa". However, given the country's challenges with poverty, underdevelopment, and political repression, it has since been referred to as the "Haiti of Africa". This comparison is meant to highlight the stark contrast between Djibouti's potential and its current reality, as well as to draw attention to the challenges faced by the country and its people. The political and economic challenges

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