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The Success Story of the Minneapolis Somali Museum

Abdi Mohamud Osman Ali, a Somali restaurateur, in Minneapolis started collecting Somali artefact items and storing them in the basement of his restaurant. It is unknown to us when he started his collection but it could be some time in the early 2000s. It could be argued that Osman’s intention was to beautify his restaurant and create a welcoming space for his patrons at the time. Over time, the collection grew and the space became too small. More people also showed interest in viewing items on display day after day.

The Las-Anod Uprising: Drivers and Direction.

Abdiweli Garad The recent uprising in the Las-Anod district of the Sool Somalia region—claimed by both Puntland, a semi-autonomous part of Somalia, and Somaliland, which purports to have seceded from the rest of Somalia—has attracted the attention of local and international media. The turbulence has prompted the Somali UK diaspora to petition with over 10,000 signatories asking the UK's “FCDO to stop Somaliland's” funding. Though many voices called for calm, the situation is flammable-- that might start conflict any

Las’Anod: A Lesson in Clan Leadership Failure and an Angry Youth.

Khadra Jama Over the past few weeks most of our social media feed has been the absolute carnage that was taking place in Lasanod, Sool region in Northern Somalia. The city has been plagued by severe insecurity since it was occupied by a secessionist militia representing somaliland in 2007. More than 150 people have been killed in clandestine operations which the locals firmly believe are carried out by the somaliland administration. On top of this, secessionist militias kill, maim and kidnap (to far away prisons in

Masterminding Somalia’s Misrule

Dr Abdiwahab Sheikh Abdisamad Somalia's President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is at the center of a spiraling disaster, and the country is mired in a protracted self-inflicted crisis. The army is disintegrating, the economy is in disarray, and public trust in the government is eroding. Mohamud came to power by running one of the most unconventional campaigns, rife with hate and a threat to violence. He tweeted a few weeks before the election, "If those who lead our country refuse to listen and accommodate the voices of

The sad state of affairs in Somalia!

Mohamed Caanogeel Is Somalia on the brink of collapse? Let us examine it (Somalia) in the worlds optics then; For the last 8 months the fragile nation has been plagued with problems on multiple fronts – from the deadly armed conflict with Al-Shabab to instability of most of its federal member states. President Hassan Sheikh's  redeeming qualities may be his outspoken uttering, arguments and the unending incisive criticism of his predecessor. He has tried to mobilize a strong segment of the political class in

Diaspora Somalis; You cannot Ride 2 Horses!

Abdi Mohamud Somalis in diaspora are immersed in and drawn deeply into the politics and affairs of their home country: Somalia. Issues regarding Somalia are regularly debated and discussed on social media platforms, the main topics of interest being of political nature. People back home are also constantly weighing in and giving their opinions on politics. But not much progress is achieved through these debates. No consensus is built and no differences are bridged. This does not mean that people are unintelligent or

Waagi aan u Afduubnaa Oday Dhaqameed Somaliland iyo Dhaci Markabkeeyga

Sakariye Deeq Maraakiibta ganacsiga caalamiga ah, ee ku wajahan badwaynta ayaa lasoo darista khataro aad u weyn iyo dhibaatooyin kale oo kala duwan, Ganacsadaha Soomaaliyeed Digtoor Axmed Faarax Ducaale, khatarahaasi waxay u noqdeen kuwo xaqiiqo ah kadib markii la afduubay oo laga xaday markab ganacsi oo uu lahaa. Kaasoo aan loo soo celin markabkiisi, mana jirto wax magdhaw ah ama raali galin uu ka helay ragii u gaystay dhibaatooyinkaasi dhacay muddo ka badan 20 sanno ka hor. Taas badalkeeda waxaa uu la kulmay

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