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The Origins of Somali Nationalism & its Future

Marxist Anti Imperialist Collective The official site of the Marxist Anti-imperialist Collective Somali Nationalism: Its Origins and Future, Written by Abdi Sheik-Abdi, 1977 The Somalis, who almost exclusively inhabit the Horn of Africa, form one of the most uniformly homogeneous populations of the continent. They speak one language, adhere to a single faith, and share a common cultural heritage which is an integral part of their nomadic way of life. The very name So maal, when spoken in the imperative, means “Go

Which is the next Independent Institution to be Disbanded?

In another reshuffle of the upper echelons of the Somali state, President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud disbands yet another series independent commissions that were formed during the previous administration. In recent months, we have seen the President disband or reshuffle a number of commission that were meant to be independent of the government and Presidency but have since come under the influence of Villa Somalia. These includes: The now disbanded Anti-Corruption Commission and the Judicial Service Commission, both

The Exploration of Oil and Gas in Somalia

Dr Ali Said Faqi We have known that Somalia is a country with a huge deposit of untapped oil and gas for years. But things got a bit serious after the Federal Government created a separate Ministry dealing with Petroleum and Mineral Resources. Finally, about a month ago Somalia signs oil production sharing with Coastline Exploration company. The US-based firm predicts production of 100,000 barrels a day if discoveries turn real. The decision to drill is essentially good for Somalia because it is the right trajectory to

Is Hassan Sheikh Mohamud deviating from The Spirit of Reconciliation?

Mohamed Mohamud It is apparent to me 1991 Somalia is being relitigated. Whether this leads to a resumption of active conflict, I cannot say, but rationally, logically, and contextually the trajectory of Hassan Sh Mohamud's current administration is one that is leading Somalia back to 1991, i.e "1991 Somalia II." I do not say this lightly. If there are Somalis who find this alarmist or fantastical, just as the same there were Western Europeans drinking champagne and dancing lavishly between WW I and WW II.

Photojournalism in the Horn of Africa

By Sahal Saredo 06.11.2022 The power of documenting and showcasing the conflicts that have been happening in Horn Africa is captivating to me and when looking through photos I feel a sense of empathy and closure. A Somali woman holds a rifle for a man while he prays in a compound. May 8, 1993 — Dan Eldon. Dan Eldon was a photojournalist who covered the 1992–1993 famine in Somalia he was determined to cover the horror and tragedy that was going on down there. Being a photojournalist so young and unpublished,

Somalia’s Successful Mass Literacy Campaign of 1973-1975.

Photo: Literacy class in 1974, Source The revolutionary socialist government of the Somali Democratic Republic took power on October 21st, 1969 and launched a variety of campaigns to improve the socioeconomic standing of the country — chief among them were the mass literacy campaigns of 1973-1975. Literacy was a primary preoccupation for a multitude of reasons. The Somali language, despite its long oral tradition and status as the mother tongue of 95% of Somalia’s population, was without orthography until

The 21st October Revolution; Somalia’s Turn!

A banner depicting the leaders of the 21st October Revolution in Somalia. On October 21st, 1969, Somalia experienced an incident that would change the course of its history forever. Following years of widespread corruption, nepotism, and electoral fraud, the Somali National Army led by Major General Mohamed Siad Barre overthrew the civilian government and seized power in a nearly bloodless coup d’etat. A declaration of the 21st October 1969 Coup by the Supreme Revolutionary Council One week before the coup,

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